009 products are slowly growing in number, with the age old kits of the likes of Gem being joined by ones from new manufacturers.  This means that there is plenty of choice for potential stock.  However, in order to try and create an ‘image’ for the line I am going to try designing and building freelance stock.  This is to try and create a set of stock which would be associated with the IoSR.  The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway is always going to be associated with Manning Wardles, the Vale of Rheidol Railway with large boxy tank engines etc.  This is what i’d like to attempt with some designs of my own.

For the design of the NBR Island Class baltic tank locos I originally posted the idea on NGRM and had some useful input from much more experienced scratchbuilders on how to improve it’s appearance and design principals to make it more believable and to retain the same overall appearance.

Passenger stock will be ‘Ratio bashed’ coaches from their GWR coach sides as they look generic enough in design to be catalogue items.  They also fit in with contemporary lines that ordered similar sized stock such as the Isle of Mann Railway.

Goods stock is likely to be very heavily inspired by Irish lines with a mixture of various types, including a Tralee & Dingle esque cattle wagon rake, amongst others.


Tissue paper roofs


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