Permanent Way


There are several ranges of 009/HOe track available, including the range of ‘crazy track’ and ‘mainline track’ from Peco.  The mainline track is what I shall be using for Armadale, they offer flexi track and both left and right hand points with more prototypical sleepers than the crazy track range.

I did consider building my own trackwork for the layout, but I decided that for the sake of reliability and the complexity of this to tackle as a first trackbuilding project that, perhaps, it was better to build some on a smaller layout.  That’s a story for another day.

So the Peco track it is…. I’m going to be trying some things out to make it look better, including losing the brown plastic appearance of the sleepers by giving them several different coats of both spray and brushed paint as well as extra details.


The hyperlink below takes you to a .pdf document containing some templates for Peco 009 points.  It includes both the original ‘crazy track’ 12″ radius, and the new ‘mainline’ 18″ radius ones.  When printing make sure you set it to print on A4 paper, portrait and the prints should be very close to full size.

Peco Point Templates

Point operation

I will be using servos from the world of radio control to operate the points powered by some PCB control boards made by ESU.   I’m currently working on this, more on it when it’s presentable.


Coming soon


Chinchilla dust ballast

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