Hebridean Light Railway

Proposed in 1898 by a group of business men who appear to have been the directors of the loco manufacturer, Dick Kerr, the Hebridean Light Railway would have been the most extensive narrow gauge system in Scotland covering some 72 miles in total.

The proposal for the line was put together by Sir Douglas Fox and a W.M. Barrington as the consultant engineers.  The route the two chose began at Isle Ornsay (the station modelled as the layout covered by this website), then running on to Broadford and Sligachan.  It then reached Portree, and three miles north of Portree split into two branches, the main one running to Uig, the other taking a more tortuous route to Dunvegan.

The route:

I have uploaded descriptions of the route to my blog, click on the links below for more detail.

Part 1 – Isle Ornsay to Broadford

Part 2 – Broadford to Sligachan

Part 3 – Sligachan to Skeabost

Part 4 – Skeabost to Uig


More details coming soon.

2 Responses to Hebridean Light Railway

  1. Ian Lawson says:

    The route is not dissimilar to one I created many years ago by defacing an ordnance survey one inch to the mile map with a fine nibbed pen. I’ve just scanned in the maps to four jpegs, but I don’t think I can attach to this comment. Email me if interested! Ian

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