Balloch & Loch Lomond Railway

More info coming soon, for now take a look at this blog post.

3 Responses to Balloch & Loch Lomond Railway

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  2. Ralph W Orchard says:

    Can you please advise me if this is the narrow gauge railway that was bought by an unknown purchaser from the Isle of Mull that ran between Craignure and Torosay Castle and was featured in the childrens story of Balamory. If it isnt I would be greatfull if you have any information regarding the railway mentioned above.
    Yours faithfully
    Ralph W Orchard
    (Retired BTP Officer)

    • Tom says:

      Hi Ralph, yes this is the line that was the proposed home for the Mull Rail stock. I’ve since heard that the plan has fallen through and, sadly, will no longer be pursued.

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