Tentsmuir Railway

Location: Tentsmuir, Fife

Opened: Unknown, presumed during WW2

Closed: Unkown, presumed at the end of, or immediately post, WW2

Gauge: Unkown, assumed 2′

Length: Unkown

Locos: Unknown

Rolling Stock: Unknown


Rails exposed due to movement of the sand dunes. Image © Marek Malecki

Footage: None known of


This railway was constructed by contractors whilst building aircraft target ranges for RAF Leuchars.  It’s possible that the track, and maybe the stock, was also used in the construction of the base at RAF Leuchars.  A standard type V-tipper and some track has been uncovered on the nature reserve by movement of the sand dunes.





6 Responses to Tentsmuir Railway

  1. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Amazing – I never knew there was ever a railway there. I’ll have to explore a bit the next time I’m there! Great work!

  2. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Is there a “contact” link on here? I have little bits of information and photos, (somewhere), that could be of interest. I’ll be visiting a few sites here and there soon.

  3. marysia says:

    Was the track used by the Polish army based there during WW2? I’d be interested in any other images and am planning a trip to explore what’s been exposed soon so will share.

    • Tom says:

      Hi Marysia, I’m afraid I don’t know, I will consult one of my books and get back to you. If you do have any photos you’d be happy to share it would be much appreciated, thank you.

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