Ord Quarry Tramway

Location: Ord, Sleat Peninsular, Isle of Skye

Opened: 1945

Closed: 1960

Gauge: 2′ or 3′ (unconfirmed)

Length: 110 metres

Locos: None – hand worked

Rolling stock: Wooden framed tipper wagons allegedly surplus from the Skye Marble Railway when it was closed.


The quarry as it stands today, now a farming storage area and at some time a store for all sorts of materials including old cars and excess tarmac! The railway exited the photo on the right hand side, running alongside the road.

The quarry office still stands immediately west of the exit from the quarry.

Within the quarry are some remnants from the line, a couple of full length sections of rail.

The timber beneath this rail looks rather like the wooden frame from one of the quarry’s wagons that feature in photos in Wilfred Simms ‘book. 

Potentially another timber from a wagon underframe amongst some rubble and rubbish – including remnants of a car.

The wagons could be found gradually deteriorating on nearby Ord beach at low tide until the 1970s, sadly there are no longer any sign of them.

However some track, presumably from Ord quarry, can be seen on the boundary of a garden near Ord beach.

There is speculation that the rail came from the dismantled Skye Marble Railway.

Footage: None known of


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