Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway

Location: Campbeltown, Argyll & Bute

Opened: 1877

Closed: 1931

Gauge: 2’3″

Length: 3 miles


‘Pioneer’ An 0-4-0 well tank built by Andrew Barclay in 1876 for the Campbell Town Coal Co, which was later converted to an 0-4-2WT.   This loco was delivered for the colliery railway that preceded the C&MLR.  It never ran on C&MLR metals.

‘Chevalier’ Built in 1885 by Andrew Barclay as an 0-4-0ST with an open backed cab.  It carried works number 296.  It was rebuilt in 1926 using some components from ‘Princess’ and became an 0-4-2ST with a new enclosed cab.

‘Princess’ A Kerr Stuart 0-4-2T ‘Skylark’ class built in 1900 as works number 717.  This loco was scrapped in 1926 and components used to rebuild ‘Chevalier’.

‘Argyll’ Andrew Barclay 0-6-2T carrying works number 1049, built in 1906.

‘Argyll’ Sister loco to Argyll, these two carried out the bulk of the work on the C&MLR after their delivery. Argyll was delivered in 1907 and bore works number 1098.  Both locos were scrapped upon closure of the line.

Rolling Stock:

Other Details:



Image © The Ballast Trust

Image © The Ballast Trust



2 Responses to Campbeltown & Machrihanish Light Railway

  1. Dave Williamson says:

    What freight wagons, non-coal, did the C & M R have, and what was their livery? Thanks. Dave Williamson, Peterborough

    • Tom says:

      Hi Dave,

      Check out the books on the C&MLR for more info, including drawings. Other than the 4 wheeled colliery hutch carriers and the 3.25 and 4.5 ton coal wagons the line only had a 7 ton 4 wheel brake van.

      Details on livery of anything are sketchy and subject to a pinch of salt in what ever you read, but i believe they were grey of some sort.

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