Wordless Wednesday – If I had the space…

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Not quite wordless Wednesday

Recently I’ve been mulling over how to make sure I don’t let this blog fall back into the doldrums. I’m going to be posting some updates about the model of Dunvegan as it develops, but that’ll be planning focussed for some time until I start on the boards. I’ve a few other content ideas that will become apparent as they arrive on here.

So, one thing that I’ve spotted on my friend Chris’s blog is the idea of ‘Wordless Wednesdays’. So I’m going to crib that idea for here, but use it to share railway/modelling related videos I’ve found and enjoyed on YouTube.

First up, the Harz narrow gauge in Germany. Get a cuppa (or several as its a long one) and enjoy!

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A railway for Dunvegan

So, the last post alluded to new things coming…

Well, I’ve mentioned why I ended up not retaining my model of the station at Isle Ornsay for as long as I’d have liked. So, having moved house it was sensible to try and build something of a more manageable size for several reasons:

  • To make it future proof against any further house moves in the future
  • Being smaller will mean I can focus on higher quality results in a smaller space
  • A smaller layout will be more simple to transport in a single car. This one is really important if I am ever to fulfil my wish to exhibit a representation of the Hebridean Light Railway on the Isle of Skye, and hopefully in many other locations if the invites come.

This led me to looking at the Dunvegan branch – I say branch, if it were built it would have been a railway of some 24 miles in length – longer than many narrow gauge lines that were built in the UK by some margin. The survey drawing for the terminus location of Railway number 2 of the HLR proposal at Dunvegan throws up some real potential to create something atmospheric and meet the thoughts above for a different approach.

The following photos describe the process i’ve gone through to find the drawing, relate it to an OS map from 1902 to work out the potential content and aesthetics of a new layout, then the aerial photos to see how it might look, and finally a mock up in our spare room using foamboard and printed track templates.













So that’s as far as i’ve gotten with translating the plans to something buildable. I’m rather pleased with the result thus far.

The project is alive again, i’m getting increasingly excited about the prospect of building a new layout now i have a dedicated space again, and am enthused about this plan and some new techniques i could try out.

My next job is to work out how to tackle the baseboards so that they’re robust yet not too heavy. I have a plan, and have been giving it a lot of thought. I’ll describe my thinking on that side of things next time.

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