Wordless Wednesday – Dunvegan station site from the air

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Wordless Wednesday – If I had the space…

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Not quite wordless Wednesday

Recently I’ve been mulling over how to make sure I don’t let this blog fall back into the doldrums. I’m going to be posting some updates about the model of Dunvegan as it develops, but that’ll be planning focussed for some time until I start on the boards. I’ve a few other content ideas that will become apparent as they arrive on here.

So, one thing that I’ve spotted on my friend Chris’s blog is the idea of ‘Wordless Wednesdays’. So I’m going to crib that idea for here, but use it to share railway/modelling related videos I’ve found and enjoyed on YouTube.

First up, the Harz narrow gauge in Germany. Get a cuppa (or several as its a long one) and enjoy!

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