Trackplan Mk2

In a previous blog post I mentioned the planning process from survey sheet of the original route survey found in the National Archives, to a layout trackplan.

One thing I was particularly proud of on that plan was the way the landscape of the actual place fitted onto the baseboard with the railway seemingly running through it as per the proposed route. However, the track itself didn’t seem to flow too well around some of the paintwork or the loop.

So it was out with the computer, printer and point and track templates again, and a cheap roll of paper from Ikea to have another crack at it. I’d rather spend more time trying to identify any baseboard design issues before starting the woodwork!

The baseboard shape has been refined slightly with a smoother series of curves along the front. The 1903 OS map and a 1930s photograph of the location have helped massively get things in the right place.
A trick I’ve picked up from Barry Norman is to have as large a foreground as possible to help emphasise the depth of the layout. As the near end of this photo is actually quite narrow I wanted to make sure the track was further back than version 1 at this location to help achieve this.
The result of that added depth is the ability to photograph quite an extensive scene without the baseboard edge in view.
The same effect has been achieved over the sea and rocky coastline at the pier end of the layout. This will add more fun in the scenic phase.
Looking the ‘wrong’ way there’s quite a nice view emerging over the cattle dock area.
Excuse the bad stitching of an iPhone panorama, but this gives you an idea of the design from above.

So, other than working out the placement of details, which I’ll do by drawing on the paper, i’m pretty much set for the woodwork phase now. Just need to summon up the enthusiasm to do something I don’t like much…

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