In the middle aisle

I popped into Lidl earlier on top pick up some food for the next few days. It’s always dangerous, for some random reason I want to buy a welder every time they appear in the middle aisle. No idea why. I don’t need one. But I still look and think “that’ll be useful”. Thankfully I’ve managed to resist that, partly encouraged to do so by my wife… we best hope there’s no metal needing melting together in our household any time soon!

Anyway, today I did succumb to something handy. They have these small modellers tool sets for £5.99.

The reason I got them was the incredibly small bit sets which are included, much smaller than most others I’ve seen.

Also included are a magnifier, a handle for the bits, a flexi extension for the handle, and a set of tweezers.

I’m sure they’re not the highest of quality, but it all feels perfectly fine for modelling work which won’t require lots of force.

I still wonder if I should have bought the welder this time, though.

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2 Responses to In the middle aisle

  1. Eerrrrrr they sell welders?!!!!! I WOOT!! 😆 I would like one too and there would be railway related needs for it. Thanks for heads up.

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