Breaking wave news…

… sorry!

Progress has slowed a little as I’ve been busy making a ‘photo plank’ to shoot as much of the 009 Society Heritage collection at our impending 40th anniversary convention.


Today I’ve found some more time to do some work on Isle Ornsay. So, on to the wave update…

For those of you who haven’t seen them before, I’ve posted previously about the techniques used to make the shape of the waves, and how I’ve painted the sea.

I’ve employed the same techniques on the main baseboard as on the test board shown in the link above. Here are the results:


I’m really pleased with how they’re turning out. There’s a lot of stages to the way I’m doing it, but I think it should look good in the end. This latest step is purely to add the colouring of the shallower water of the waves. I will then need to add some white to represent the breakers and foam/froth. Once this has dried I’ll then be able to apply some clear gloss varnish to give it a shiny finish.


I’ve also recently added the surface to the platform and the pierhead. This has been done using the chinchilla dust I previously for ballast. This was mixed with a very small amount of black and raw umber tempura paints, and fixed in place with ‘wet water’.

You’ll also be able to see, at the rear of the photo, that I’ve been reshaping the headland. I’ve now glued some rock castings in place with a hot glue gun, and around this have taped some scrunched up newspaper (a good use for the weekly ‘freebie’ paper!). This will then be coated in paper mache, a job my wife loves, it’s nice to get her involved with the build, and I’m pleased she enjoys at least one aspect of it.

More soon, although I will probably have to devote some time to a talk I’ve giving on scenic modelling at the 009 Society Convention in the coming week or so…

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