Digital landscaping

It’s about time I got the backscene for Isle Ornsay sorted. I had to wait for quite some time for a holiday on the Isle of Skye to take the photos in the actual location that the layout is set.

Whilst I was up there in May I took a series of several images of both the sky and various bits of landscape so that I could create a panorama in Photoshop. Here’s what I’m up to, it’s very much a work in progress at the moment with all sorts of dodgy joins and jagged lines, but it’ll get there in the end.


The image at the left hand end is the bay around Isle Ornsay harbour. This will sit behind the pier and represent the view off into the distance, with the mainland just visible. The black bar is actually going to be below ground level due to the shape of the baseboards, so this will be removed from the final print.

The gap between the area around the bay and the moorland is blocked by cliffs at the rear of the baseboard, likewise that to the right of the moorland on the backscene, so it can just be sky in these areas. 

As you’ll see there’s an area where the sky is obviously mirrored around 2/3 of the way along, strategic tree placement will hide this when it’s on the layout.

So far 33 images have fed into the production of this, but then it is 14 feet long…

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