Its amazing what a lick of paint will do…

I seem to be getting back into the swing of this modelling lark! I’ve even been considering digging out the soldering iron and etched brass!

Another recent development has been the finishing off of the paint job on the station building. I was going for something along the lines of the old version of Beddgelert station on the Welsh Highland Railway – I’m quite pleased with the results considering it’s basically two Wills kits spliced together.

I’ve finished it using Revell green no. 39, which has a nice relatively utilitarian but smart feel about it. All other colours are either Citadel Colour (Games Workshop) or Vallejo paints to add details.

Once the paint had dried I added a coat of Mig ‘Dark Wash’ to weather down the finish. This is great stuff, it makes things look ‘used’ relatively easily. The instructions say to leave it for 15 minutes and then remove partly, but I only left it for 5 to reduce the effect.

After this I added some Mig weathering powders, Europe Dust to give the lightest hint of rust, and some black to represent soot around the chimneys.

What I wanted to portray here was the original building about 10 years after construction and, being in a salty windy and rainy environment, with a few signs of rust developing in just a small number of locations.

I think it looks quite at home at the end of the pier, and I’m pleased I made the decision to switch away from the mini-West Highland Line design that I was working on. This looks much more appropriate.

I took the photo above before the weathering, but it shows another thing I’ve done recently, altered the shape of the rear hill. This was bugging me after our trip to Skye as it wasn’t the right shape to match the real location. It’s a little ‘straight’ at present, but that’s what a saw will do for you… More on the geological re-modelling soon.

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