Ardkinglas Railway – a plea for information

My interest has been piqued by a little known Scottish line, the Ardkinglas Railway. Descriptions of this line are few and far between, but essentially it seems to have been a 2′ gauge line that ran around the Ardkinglas estate in Argyllshire. It was situated at the western end of Glen Kinglas and ran along the west side of Loch Fyne to an artificial loch known locally as the Caspian Sea.

There are virtually no details of the loco, although that operated there, although it is recorded as being steam powered, and having pulled both passenger and goods stock.

Perhaps the reason details are hazy is that the line was removed around the early 1900s and sold. Apparently the loco went for scrap, but remnants of its boiler could be seen on the beach at Tayvallich on Loch Sween into the 1950s.

A little more information is available on the Ardkinglas Estate website here, and Wikipedia here.

If anyone has any more information on this little known line, do please leave a comment below.

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5 Responses to Ardkinglas Railway – a plea for information

  1. A quick google brought up this

    Which included
    Autumn 1997, Issue 41. Heywood Society Meetings, 1976 – 1997; Broseley Wood Light Railway; A Tale of Four Boilers; An Austrian Abroad; The Ardkinglas Line; News.
    Back issues appear to be available

  2. Tom says:

    Email conversation with the Ardkinglas Estate reveals that they have a set of wheels on axles from the line, but not much else is known to have survived. There is potential to find more details from them, fingers crossed they can help turn something up to shed some more light on this little known line.

  3. There is a word document attached to post 5 of this thread which seems to have some details on boiler size and engine configuration

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Mark, there are a few details in the book I’ve got on the Campbeltown & Machrihanish Railway, but the word document in your link is a useful summary of what’s relatively easily available.

      Hoping to get some information back from the estate in due course, but it may take some time.

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