Bargain hunting for ‘silly hour’

You know that time at the end of an exhibition where funny things start to happen? Treble headed trains appear, ridiculously long trains, unusual wagons or just odd combinations? That’s right, ‘silly hour’. Well at the Chatham show at the weekend I found a bargain that will come in handy for a silly hour specific loco for Isle Ornsay.

Now, those of you who have been paying attention and know that Isle Ornsay is very definitely ‘pre-WW1’ in setting will be wondering what I have planned for a modern image N gauge electric loco from Germany…

Well, its another ‘what if’ to go along with the ‘what if’ theme of the layout.


  • the HLR had been built, and been successful, and
  • continued through grouping into LNER ownership
  • and made it through grouping and into BR ownership it’s likely that it could have become quite a tourist attraction and a viable proposition for them to keep – much like the Vale of Rheidol Railway in Wales which had the only steam locos to ever carry BR blue.

So, why not model a silly hour loco to fit this idea? Miles Bevan did just that by painting a Roco bogie diesel into BR blue livery with scottie dog markings. So I’m going to do the same to a resin body of a Czech TU47 bogie diesel that I bought a while back just for this purpose:

I think it will suit BR blue, yellow end panels, the double arrows, scottie dogs and a the Fleischmann chassis quite well. Plus, it’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day!

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2 Responses to Bargain hunting for ‘silly hour’

  1. Nick. says:

    Mmmmm, looks a bit LMS 1001 or was it 10001 would look nice in black with a lion on a bicycle on the side!

    • Tom says:

      It’s quite a bit more modern than the LMS diesels, not a great photo of the contents of the box, but then the body is going in the bin anyway…

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