Peco Lynton & Barnstaple RTR 009 stock

Well, I’ve returned from Warley a little poorer with some of the things I intended to get, and some that I didn’t.  But the highlight was seeing the new Peco range of ready to run Lynton & Barnstaple wagons in 009!

Straight ahead of you as you walked through the entrance to the show was the Peco stand, and one of the first things you could see on the stand was a banner proclaiming ‘Great little trains’.  I hope it caught lots of people’s attention on their way in.

Here are some shots of the pre-production samples:

As you’ll see, there are three rows of stock, the nearest are in L&B livery, the middle are unlettered, and the rear Southern livery.  All three options will be made available, are comprise of a 4 wheel open and a 4 wheel box van.  Two numbers will be available for each wagon/livery combination.

The L&B opens are lettered as numbers 2 and 10, and are the side hung door version.

The L&B liveried 4 wheel vans are numbers 3 and 7.

SR liveried open wagons carry the numbers 28305 and 28308.

The vans carry the numbers 47036 and 47039.

Apparently Peco were hoping to have the wagons on sale by the time Warley came around, and were going to announce them in the last Railway Modleler.  Unfortunately there were some alterations required to the tooling for the springs and the axleboxes to give the a little more definition.  This has now put the release back to the new year.  This left a page needing to be made up in the latest issue of the magazine, and a one liner at the end of the layout planning supplement that caused LOTS of speculation about a release of RTR 009 items.

You may have spotted the carriages in the banner in the first photo, the tooling for these is being cut at the moment, and they will be available shortly after the wagons, I hear rumours of Easter.  Again, two versions will be available for both L&B (mmmmmm) and SR liveries and an unlettered option also.

Whilst having a chat with Andrew Burnham, editor of Continental Modeller, I heard a little of the future of an RTR 009 L&B loco.   There were reports of ‘pre-production samples of L&B locos’ on show at Warley on the Peco stand.  These turned out to be the built up samples of the Glyn Valley Tramway, ‘Jeanette’ and ‘James’ kits that Peco already  offer!  It turns out that standard gauge modellers don’t know the difference 🙂

BUT…apparently Peco had discussions with three major manufacturers, all of whom were interested in producing a loco.  One of them duly went to the other end of the exhibition hall and bought a copy of an L&B book for drawings of the locos!   Speculation continues about what loco it could be, Lyn makes a lot of sense as it could potentially appeal to modellers from abroad given it’s American origins.  So, there’s hope!

There were also some layouts at Warley, but they are far less exciting.  If you want to see photos check out my Flickr set.

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  1. Rhobat Bryn Jones says:

    Any mention of prices?

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