Burning the midnight oil…

With the exhibition premiere of Isle Ornsay less than a week away I’ve been trying to progress the layout as much as possible to make it look presentable.

The layout is booked to appear at Narrow Gauge South in Hampshire on the 14th April.  It’s a ‘work in progress’ exhibit, so will be nowhere near finished, but with the main of making it look as presentable as possible I’ve made some progress both scenically and on the stock.

The layout now has a temporary backscene painted on, the final one will be a photograph taken at the actual location, so will look nothing like it does at present.

All the buildings now have a basic foamboard shell.

All the rock and seawall castings have been added to the layout, and paper mache  to fill in the gaps.  The paper mache has had a coat of brown paint.

All the track has been ballasted using chinchilla dust, the granular type, not the dusty type that I was testing before.  This was mixed with black tempura paint to alter the colour to my needs.  Blog post on this coming up in the near future.

The rake of ratio bashes have had their final coats of paint, I’m just waiting for some figures then they can be finished off.  Again, more on these in a more detailed blog post after Sparsholt.

My RT models Peckett is almost complete, and just needs chipping, coal adding to the bunker, and a roof fitting.

Finally I’ve been working on the fiddle yard, making up the cassettes to enable stock to be swapped around.  I was going to use aluminium angle, but wasn’t happy with the accuracy of the results I was getting, so I’ve reverted to one of my favourite materials, foam board.

I just need to get it all nice and clean and test it’s all still working properly after the ballasting and plastering!

No pictures this time, you’ll have to come to Sparsholt to see how it’s looking.  It promises to be a very good show with lots of interesting layouts, and many traders to relieve your wallet of some money! Hope to see you there.

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