Beds and Bucks 009 Soc. Member’s Day

Last weekend was the biannual members day organised by Beds & Bucks group of the 009 Society held in the village hall of Barton le Clay.  I attended this very enjoyable event, assisting with the Narrow Planet stand.

There was a good mix of layouts and traders, as well as the 009 Society secondhand sales stand – always a danger to the wallet!!

The photos below show what I felt the highlights were:

Zebediela Citrus – Des Trolip

A very attractive DCC operated layout based on an orange plantation.  It makes use of the 0-4-0DM released by Liliput, but Des has made them more suitable for operation in the tropical climes by removing their cabs and fitting something much more ‘airy’.

Des also had the very lovely model of a Beira Railway ‘Lawley’ 4-4-0, shown below.  Several people asked me if I had seen it, I must be getting a reputation as a Lawley fan! I would love one, but have yet to attempt to build one.  Seeing Des’ version scratchbuilt on the Liliput diesel chassis has given me some inspiration to have a go, though, and I’ll try and get hold of a chassis to start soon.

Roestok – Ian Turner

I’ve seen Roestok before, but it was a long time ago, and Ian’s stock is so interesting that it’s always nice to see again.  Regular readers will know that I like big stock, Ian’s layout is operated by African prototypes, ranging from large diesel locos, to NGG16 garratts which will all go around 9″ radius curves!

I spied an NG15 lurking in Rosetok shed and stood admiring it for a while, I’ve always liked them.  Ian pulled it out of the shed and was explaining to me that its got a scratch built body, and front chassis, and was originally tender powered.  Since then it has had a Minitrix motor fitted in the boiler

Garn – Chris Ford

I’ve seen Garn a few times now, but it’s one of those small layouts that’s crammed with atmosphere.  So much atmosphere that Chris managed to sell it over the course of the day, so this was it’s penultimate outing in his hands, before moving to an undisclosed location in the Midlands.

By now, if Chris is reading this, he’s going to be wondering if any photos of him are going to pop up on this post…

Fear not, Chris 🙂

Matthew’s Corner, Chris Krupa

I had a nice chat with Chris about modelling in larger scales, it’s something I’d like to try at some point (sssssh!), and a micro layout like this would be ideal.

I departed Barton le Clay village hall having bought a few bits and bobs, two sets of Ratio coach sides, to continue expanding my fleet (despite what some people may think of their use in 009!), two 12″ radius 009 points, and two books; ‘Relics of the Raj’, and a paperback on the Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railway – a good source of inspiration for ‘big stuff’.

I have some modelling to report, that will follow in another post over the weekend.

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