Brake it down

On Friday evening the Kent group of the 009 Society met at my house for our January meeting.  It was a kit building evening, with people bringing along things that had been lurking on their workbench for a while or, as in my case, recently purchased items.

For a while now I’ve been a fan of the Nine Lines Welshpool & Llanfair Railway van kits, having used them on Dunbracken.  For Isle Ornsay I wanted some larger stock, and will be using the Parkside Dundas Tralee & Dingle van kits for the majority of the HLR stock, but the Skye Marble Co. needs a brake van too.

The SMC had running rights over the HLR from Broadford, where it’s line from Kilchrist quarry met HLR metals, to Isle Ornsay where the marble was placed on ships for transport further afield.

Rather than building the kit as intended I’ve fancied a double ended one for a while now, with two balconies, so two kits were ordered and spliced together.  Two of the van sides were cut down the side of the door farthest away from the balcony, the other two cut down the near side.  These were then glued together to to form a longer side with balconies at either end.  A new floor was cut from plasticard sheet, to this the standard ends from the kit were fixed, along with the lengthened sides.  The sole bars for the chassis were too short, so these were cut in the centre and lengthened by the addition of plasticard strip, and new footboards were made from the same material.  Finally a new roof was cut from thin plasticard, and the chimney for the stove added.

New brake van on the left, built as per the instructions on the right.

It’s a purposeful vehicle, and should suit the mineral trains arriving at the quay well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to report progress on the Skye Marble Company’s first loco here soon.

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