New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, it might not be now, but it was at the time of writing... I can't find a countdown timer that will work on WordPress!

After a very enjoyable Christmas with family in Devon we have returned home and I now have a plan of action for Isle Ornsay’s debut at Narrow Gauge South on 14th April, it’s a little longer than expected but quite a few jobs are well progressed, so shouldn’t take long to finish – others will!

  • Build fiddle yard baseboard
  • Build cassettes for the fiddle yard
  • Construct exhibition height legs and fixing points on baseboards
  • Finish foam board building shells
  • Begin foam board mock up of hull of the P.S. Glencoe to sit at the end of the pier
  • Fit a controller socket into the harbour baseboard
  • Mock up the turntable (it unlikely that it will be operational at NGS)
  • Lay the remaining track to the fiddle yard and turntable
  • Papier mache the foam scenery on all baseboards
  • Fit rock castings and remaining wall castings on all baseboards
  • Finish the rake of 9 passenger coaches I am presently working on (more in the next couple of blog posts)
  • Make the curtain (or at least send the dimensions to my mum for her to make it)
  • Finish fitting uncoupling magnets to quay, loop and goods yard
  • Fit the Vital Spark to the baseboard by the quay

If time allows:

  • Finish a large tank loco to operate with the new passenger stock (part completed Roxey Mouldings kit will serve this purpose, but it needs a chassis)
  • Build the RT Models Peckett kit I got for Christmas 🙂
  • Paint scenic base brown and sea blue if time allows
  • Maybe do some ballasting if time allows

Not that much then!  I now also have plans or designs for all the remaining components on the list above, including the hull of the paddle steamer which I was unsure on how to tackle best for some time.

I best get off the internet…

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