YouTube Finds 3 – Lynton & Barnstaple Vintage Footage

Continuing the “stuff I found on yootoob” feature, one thing I particularly like finding is vintage footage of narrow gauge railways in operation.

Not so long ago I found not one, but two videos featuring vintage footage of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in operation.

This one starts with standard gauge footage, fear not the L&B doesn’t take long to appear!

There are some excellent shots of the line in both of these videos, including some bits of the trackbed which are now owned by the L&B Trust (or Exmoor Associates at least), and indeed Woody Bay makes a feature – the base of the revival of the L&BR!

I was involved with the L&B Association (as it was then) when I was about 8 years of age, membership was a present my parents bought me.  My interest in the L&B began when I picked up a copy of O.S. Nock’s “British Railways in Colour” and saw a photo of one of the L&B Manning Wardles.  I then received a 009 model of Lew one Christmas, and a small piece of 009 track appeared on the 8’x4′ OO layout I had at the time, that was how all this started!

So the L&B has a special place for me, particularly as it holds many memories of enjoyable times spent with my late father before trains ever made it back into the platform at Woody Bay.

It was really nice to see Lyd, the replica L&B Manning Wardle built by the FR, appear at the Gala last year (was it really that long ago!), and haul the FR owned ex-L&B coach 14 up the grade into Woody Bay.

Lyd simmering at Woody Bay waiting for it's next turn of service.

I have to admit to being more than a bit disappointed that Lyd wasn’t in service over the FR Vintage Weekend as it’s now in Southern Railway livery – brilliant! But I did manage to get one sneaky peek of it in the sheds at Boston Lodge, even if it is one of the worst photos I took all weekend.

Lyd resplendent in SR livery hiding away at Blodge

More of my images from Lyd’s visit to the L&B can be found here, and for more information on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway visit their website here.

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