I suppose it’s about time i returned to a layout related blog post!

Let’s catch up with what I’ve been doing on the layout since the last post…

Another couple of buildings have taken shape; namely the harbour office, and the beginnings of the hotel which will sit at the end of the platform.

The harbour office, with walls extending down to the seabed. Behind the track the beginnings of the hotel can be seen.

The opposite end of the harbour office, and a clearer view of the hotel.

To date all the other buildings have been inspired by specific prototypes in Scotland.  However these two are somewhat of a mish-mash.  The harbour office is actually based on the harbour office at Fowey in Cornwall, but adapted slightly in size and shape.  The hotel is a mix of the ‘best bits’ from about 3 different hotels, lodges or inns in Western Scotland.  So far all seems to be going well, and they fit in nicely with the other building shells on the layout.

Another item of work has been the re-modelling of the headland (hence the post title), previously it looked like this:

You will see that the outcrop on the seaward side of the platform is quite steep, whilst the rock on the landward side of the platform is noticeably more rounded - the two don't match.

I had to remodel the headland to make it look more acceptable, so some crumpled paper was taped into position to see how it would look.  This gave a much better shape, showing a clear continuation from one side of the platform to the other.

The green line is the assumed lie of the land before the railway was constructed, whilst the red line shows the approximate location and slope of the headland prior to remodelling. I hope you'll agree the new version looks much better! Please excuse Henry, he is awaiting a body transplant!

And this is what the headland looks like now:

Much better!

With the headland shape now decided upon the rear of it was cut away and a rock casting made using a Woodland Scenics mould.  This was then fitted into position between the headland and the platform.

The rock outcrop beginning to take shape.

The final thing that’s been going on recently is the fitting of the first few castings from the superb Bragdon Enterprise rock mould that I imported from the USA.  The finish is absolutely superb, and Joel was very helpful when I was deciding which mould (or mold on the other side of the pond) to choose.  I’ll definitely be putting in another order for some rocks as opposed to walls in the not too distant future.

4mm figure posed in front of the casting for scale. The stones have a good variation in relief too, providing an uneven finish, unlike a plastic sheet.

Fortunately the rock mould is very flexible, being made of rubber, and is easy to shape around the various bends and curves that my walls will have.  However I had to work out how to cast the plaster in situ, due to the random curves the layout has, whilst not letting the plaster dribble out all over the stuff I’ve carefully stashed away beneath the layout.

Creating a curved casting.

The answer was to allow the plaster to go off slightly, then press it up against a sheet of plasticard.  The lot was then pressed up against the cardboard seawall former I had glued to the baseboards.  It was held in position with whatever heavy objects were to hand for an hour until it had gone off.

And the finished result…?

The first piece of seawall emerges from behind the new headland at the start of the pier.

I really enjoy these ‘messy’ bits of scenery creation, fortunately so does my wife, and she has been doing all of the papier mâché on the layout!

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2 Responses to Re-modelling

  1. Chris Ford says:

    This is really starting to shape up now; very impressive.

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