ExpoNG 2011

I spent a very enjoyable day at this year’s ExpoNG at Swanley yesterday.  It’s my local NG specific show, and I’m lucky that it probably shares top spot with Narrow Gauge South West as my favourite show to attend.  Another year, another enjoyable show with lots of familiar faces and some new ones too.

This year I was helping man the Narrow Planet stand, where we had quite a bit of interest in the custom etching services we can order, as well as a couple of things we have in the pipeline.  I was also helping my friend Charlie Insley operate his layout St. Etienne-en-Caux for part of the day.

When I got a chance for a wander around for a couple of periods I took some snaps of the layouts present.  There was a nice mix of scales and sizes of layouts, all to the usual high standard.  Here they are:

Halfway – Ken Jackson (o-16.5)

Hook Basin – Richard Williams (1/25th scale, 16mm gauge)

Killington Lane – Tony Peart (009)

Set a few years in the future when the L&B has more trackbed, this is the current terminus and Tony’s interpretation of how it will evolve.
The Loop – Giles Favell (0-16.5)

It was great to see Giles’ layout, I’ve admired it in photos on NGRM and in Model Rail.  Very atmospheric in such a small space.

Haven Hill – Tony and Ann Reeves (on30)

Boot (‘Owd Ratty) – Peter Kazer  (1:48 scale)

I was interested to see this layout as Boot is a subject I’ve thought about modelling in the past, maybe in TTn3.  Peter Kazer’s book ‘Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling’ is a great read, and I’ve enjoyed some of his past layouts very much, but this left me cold.  I think it’s because of the lack of scenery around the track, to me it doesn’t convey a feel of the Lake District.  Having said that the stock is beautiful and runs superbly.

Crummack Valley – Roger Christian & Stan Williams (009)

Crummack was another layout I’d heard of on NGRM before, as well as in the 009 News.  It was therefore nice to see it in the flesh.  A very interesting layout to watch in operation, and some nice detail touches, not to mention Stan and Roger’s massive collection of stock in action!

Crummack had the 009 Society showcase next to it, this was filled with all sorts of examples of lovely modelling including several large colonial locos which would rather suit Isle Ornsay! There was also a rather nice Chivers Finelines NA class 2-6-2T in there as well.  The whole lot is being minded by Garry Whiting below.Corris 1930 – Rod Allcock (009)

Winner of the David Lloyd Trophy this year.  Rod’s layout is very nicely presented with a station canopy acting as the fascia.  The buildings are well made, as is the stock and it runs beautifully.

Garn – Chris Ford (009)

Garn is a lovely little layout.  Check out Chris’ blog here for an amusing and enjoyable read.

Garreg Wen – Matthew Kean (009)

Winner of the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy.  As soon as I saw Garreg Wen I was rather taken by it, it’s simple, small but packed with lots of little details and both atmospheric and enjoyable to watch.  I was rather worried when Miles Bevan came up to me during the day and asked if I’d brought the trophy back… it’s been to Holland since I had it, honest!

This year’s Dave Brewer Memorial Trophy was a box file challenge, and a deserving winner was Michael Campbell’s Landswood Park Farm.

There are photos of the rest of the box files and some more of the layouts in my flickr set here.

I bought myself some bits and bobs for building some ratio bashes over the coming month or so.  I need a decent rake of stock to operate on Isle Ornsay in April, so they should fit the bill nicely.  I also bought the latest issue of NG&IRMR from Andrew Neale with whom I had a very interesting discussion about Dinorwig and various other slate quarries – definitely some further exploration required methinks!

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