The End

Today was the end of an era for me, Dunbracken left my ownership.

It was designed as a test layout to enable me to experiment with ideas that I had for a larger layout, which, after much gestation, became Isle Ornsay.  These ideas included DCC, photo back scenes, scratch building, various scenic techniques and products, modelling water, the list goes on.  I had tried none of these things before building Dunbracken, so a small layout was seen to be a good bed to test them out, as well as trying exhibiting and learning some tips before taking a large layout out.

So, Dunbracken grew on a small chipboard ironing board, foam board was used to build the contours, fascia, backscene and pelmet.  It was finished using various scenic techniques which I will no doubt relay through future blog posts on this site, so I won’t go into details now.

It’s been nice to have a ‘finished’ layout to play with, albeit one that’s rather limited in operational potential.

At our October meeting of the Kent area group of the 009 Society we had a ceremonial last train, all locos operating on the final day carried heather wreaths.

Barra arrives with the first train of the day.

Barra and Staffa hauling the special with the majority of the lines passenger stock. The railcar was helping relieve pressure by hauling passengers too.

At the end of the day Barra hauled the final train into Dunbracken station.  The special having long departed there weren’t many people left.

And so ends my ownership of this layout, it’s been fun, thanks to those of you who have made comments about it, or invited it to attend your exhibitions.

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