Greenwich Coupling Magnet Substitution

A while ago I started thinking about precise uncoupling points for Isle Ornsay, and where to place the magnets so that the Greenwich couplings would operate at the required locations.

Only when test fitting a magnet for trials did I realise that the standard magnets supplied with Greenwich couplings don’t fit between sleepers on the new Peco ‘mainline’ 009 track.  So, I started a thread on NGRM to discuss potential options, some included cutting the sleeper webbing and moving the sleepers apart to fit the magnets – a practical solution if I’d not glued the track down, but used the more traditional method of track pins.

So,  I began looking at substitute magnets which would fit in the available space between sleepers.  After a quick google I came up with MOD7 offered by  This fits neatly in the space between sleepers, and isn’t too thick to protrude above sleeper level.

MOD7 on the left, standard Greenwich coupling on the right.

MOD7 installed between the sleepers on the Peco 'mainline' track.

After installing two magnets a little testing followed, and it seems that they operate adequately.  These will now be installed around the rest of the layout.


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