Narrow Gauge Railways and New Media

I know that railways have been making good use of modern media for some time now, most narrow gauge lines have websites to advertise their attractions, events, shops and otherwise, exhibitions do the same, traders have been embracing online sales in increasing numbers, indeed some of us even have blogs.  But recently I’ve come across a couple of interesting forms of modern media which I’ve really enjoyed and feel worth sharing with you.

The first is Model Rail Radio.

Click image to go to the MRR site.

This is a podcast which is available on iTunes run by Tom Barbalet and each one is several hours long (yes, HOURS).  The format is a bit of a group discussion between several modellers who join in on all sorts of topics.  Particular favourites of mine have been narrow gauge lines and layouts, layout planning, use of LED lighting, 3D printing and scenery discussions with Dave Frary.  They also do quite a comprehensive worldwide magazine review from time to time recapping on interesting contents of magazines, including NG&IRMR, NGSLG and NGDU amongst others. It’s free to sign up for if you have iTunes and well worth a listen.

The second is a book that my attention was drawn to by Mike Bellamy.  A book doesn’t sound very modern, unless you’re a Norwegian Monk, but this is an e-book.

Click on image to go to the relevant Amazon page.

Now, I came across it and found out it was only available for Kindle, Amazon’s ebook reader.  But then noticed that there’s a Kindle app for my Macbook, which was brilliant, it cost me the sum total of £2.14 for a book on a very specialist subject.

The book seems very informative, and covers some of the lines on Scottish islands, so I’ll enjoy having a read through it in more detail.

I think the ability to produce things like James Carron‘s ebook, or Model Rail Radio are great examples of the increasing simplicity and cheapness of getting information on very specific subjects out to all those interested.  For a while I’ve been considering experimenting with a quarterly e-magazine for narrow gauge railways just to see what can be done.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it as it’ll take quite a bit of time to prepare, but it’s the sort of thing that seems more possible with things like Model Rail Radio and Kindle books appearing.


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2 Responses to Narrow Gauge Railways and New Media

  1. Glad to have you as a listener!

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Tom, I’m just off to download the last couple of podcasts to keep up to date 🙂 Look forward to having a listen whilst I’m modelling.


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