Playing with history

I’ve just updated the history that I’ve written to accompany Isle Ornsay, it’s something that I can see being continually updated and improved as I find out more details about the proposals, so the development of this will run parallel to the layout.

It’s very interesting to try and do this as it’s something I’ve not tried to do before.  Where possible I’m trying to tie together the HLR proposal and various snippets of local history.

The history describes the rise and fall of the HR proposal on Skye of 1896, the subsequent development of the HLR and the widespread discussion of the requirements of the islanders, and how to find the funds to build the line.  I’ve then put two and two together to determine how the line would have progressed through WW1 and WW2, what impact it would have had on the surrounding area and what input other events would have had on it’s operation and stock.

It’ll certainly be a live page of the website which will be update from time to time.

To read the current version of the history click here, but be warned, it’s a lengthy read so pour yourself a dram of Talisker and immerse yourself in my imagination for a while.

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