S.S. Hebrides

Last night I spent an hour or so looking through YouTube videos of various Welsh narrow gauge lines, but I also looked at some marine modelling blogs to see how best to scratch build a hull.  I found some interesting methods (which I will hopefully get to describe soon), then I returned to YouTube.

The ship I plan to build is a slightly foreshortened version of the S.S. Hebrides.  This plan will come in very handy!  A potted history of the vessel is provided here.  She was built in 1898 for John MacCallum, a rival to the well known Caledonian MacBrayne vessels that plied the Clyde and routes along the West Coast and out to the Hebrides.  The S.S. Hebrides and her sister ship the S.S. Dunara Castle were well connected with Skye, and appear in a few postcards of the island.

So, on my return to YouTube last night I decided to see if there was any footage of her which might help with detailing my model… lo and behold there was a two part video of her making a voyage to St. Kilda taking some supplies after 9 months of isolation… Very useful and inspiring!

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3 Responses to S.S. Hebrides

  1. Ewen says:

    Wondering if ss Hebrides model been progressed? I am updating/improving plans of the ship as I have gathering more bits and pieces of info’ about the ship. I MAY build a model myself EVENTUALLY and then probably at 1:48. Building for 009 (1:72/1:76) will be interesting.

    • Tom says:

      Hi Ewen,

      I’ve decided to stop work on the Hebrides and instead build the P.S. Glencoe, for the period I’m modelling it is a much more appropriate vessel, especially given that the layout is set on the Eastern side of Skye. I hope in time to be able to model another station based on Dunvegan which will allow me to make a model of the Hebrides to moor off the pier there. I’d be particularly interested in sharing information on the vessel for future use if you are agreeable.


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