This weekend just gone I attended a very friendly get together of like folk to show narrow gauge layouts.  It’s nice as it’s not a public event so there’s no pressure to operate all day, and proved an ideal testing ground for Isle Ornsay to see if the wiring and all the other recently installed items stood up to a fairly vigorous test.  As mentioned in the previous post, I was suitably pleased.

There were, however, some rather nice layouts on show in the rest of the hall, here’s a collection of images and a short(ish) video that I shot during the day when I wasn’t playing trains or consuming nibbles or jelly and ice cream!

My friend Steve's layout, more details at

My friend David's new O-16.5 layout - several of us have suggested a name for it, but he disagrees...

His old layout, Pudley Lane, featured a storage rack in the fiddle yard dubbed 'the spice rack', here's spice rack Mk2!

Christopher Payne's new layout the Pynton Tramway Co.

Martin Collins brought along one of the boards of his Llandecwyn. For more photos of the rest of the layout see the blog post from this year's 009 Society Sussex Group Member's Day.

A Mallet based on the minitrix chassis on Llandecwyn

Phil Savage brought along his DHR layout, since the last time I saw it he's been working on the track work at Ghum station.

It's great fun to watch trains wend their way around Phil's layout.

This mock up shows what Phil's layout will look like when the other half of it has been built. Mightily impressive!

Balnakeil by Ian Roberts, a lovely model of an estate railway set in Scotland in Gn15.

This Land Rover is made from cardboard!

Simon Cox's Loxley Barton Falls

David Gander's Green End

Some of the new Minitrains wagons spotted on Green End

There are some more photos on my Flickr page.

Thanks to Chris, Nigel and Karen for their efforts in organising and putting on the event, it was extremely enjoyable! I look forward to the next one, whenever that may be.

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