YouTube Finds – 1 WDLR

For a long time now I’ve been watching narrow gauge videos on YouTube, there are some that feature some cracking filming from current times, but there are also some gems of old film reels which are a nice surprise to come across.  I thought I’d start a series of blog posts to share some of my favourites of these videos, this is the first.

This particular video features nearly 10 minutes worth of archive footage of the War Department Light Railways, a network of 2′ gauge lines which were employed in the war zones of WW1.

It the footage there are glimpses of many of the WDLR locos including a Baldwin 2-6-2T, two Baldwin Gas Mechanical 0-4-0s double heading, and an Alco-Cooke 2-6-2T.  It also shows a lot of elements of how the lines were constructed with pre-made lengths of metal sleepered track being taken the to the required location on Pershing wagons, and large volumes of material deposited from v-tippers for the ballast.

There are plenty of modellable scenes in the video, and a lot of the stock is available in kit form in various scales from manufacturers such as Meridian Models.

Go and make a cup of tea, then click the play button.

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