Kinlochleven Railway

Over the last few days I’ve been putting some more effort into the other, non-modelling, aspect of this site.  Namely the documenting of any details I come across on Scottish narrow gauge railways.

I’ve just added some more details to the Kinlochleven Railway page.  This was quite a quirky line, with timber clad, overhear electric powered, 3′ gauge locos serving an extremely isolated aluminium smelter in the wilds of Scotland.

Image © Alasdair MacCaluim

The line was so remote that the village of Kinlochleven was only reached by road in 1920 when German prisoners of war were employed to construct one.  The road is rather tortuous (read fun to drive along), and this enabled the line to remain the main form of transport for all produce from the aluminium smelting plant which the line served.  The line finally closed down in 1958, and sadly all stock was disposed of.

Image © Alasdair MacCaluim

The trackbed was subject of a proposed revival for a short while, with someone trying to open a steam railway along it’s length.  For a short while a website existed, but sadly all details of this have now disappeared.

Thanks must go to Alasdair MacCaluim for providing the photos of the trackbed as it is now.  It looks like a pleasant walk, one I must do one day.

The thought of building a Kinlochleven-esque micro layout has crossed my mind more than once…

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