Chatham MRC Show 2011

This weekend I spent a very enjoyable time at the Chatham MRC show whilst exhibiting Dunbracken.  The event is held in the ‘big shed’ at Chatham Historic Dockyard where layouts are shown close to lifeboats, military vessels and many other interesting exhibits.

After some preparatory work on Dunbracken one evening prior to the exhbition, the performance of the layout was greatly improved with much more reliable slow running.  I received some very kind comments about the layout from many visitors, and received three more invites for it, as well as an offer to purchase it.  The kind people on the Green Scene stand opposite were showing people the way you can colour the scenery to fit the colours in the backscene, and pointed a couple of people over to look at the layout as an example of how this can be done.

I’ve read some slightly disparaging remarks about the show on a ‘certain’ model railway forum, but I have to say that it’s one of the more enjoyable ones that I’ve attended.  There was also a good range of layouts on show, some photos of which are below*.

Charlie Insley’s St. Etienne-en-Caux (009):

Tony Mortlock’s Haysden (O-16.5):

Tony Hill’s Raven’s Rock (O-16.5):

John de Frayssinet’s County Gate (009):

John also brought along…

Bratton Fleming (009):

Nick Wright’s Nantyglo Mine (O-16.5):

The DutchGroup of the 009 Society came over in force with Jan Van Mourik’s Uivernest, Henk Wust’s Punta Marina and Jaap Stuurmann assisting.

Jan Van Mourik’s Uivernest (HOe):

Henk Wust’s Punta Marina (Oe):

There was also some standard gauge stuff…*

I went to the exhibition firmly intending not to buy anything of great consequence, but that plan went out of the window on Sunday! Being sited opposite a scenery company at an exhibition is terrible for me, I just can’t resist buying stuff! Green Scene is no exception, and I decided to buy one of their ‘Ballast Spreaders’ which make a job I hate so much look much easier and quicker:

Other purchases included a Meridian Models Leek & Manifold tank loco kit which will provide some nice large motive power for Isle Ornsay, several sets of Ratio coach sides to enable more coaching stock to appear prior to the layout’s debut in April.  I also bought some new reading matter in the form of a Railway Modeller Special Edition about the Isle of Man Railways by Robin Winter, and the June issue of Continental Modeller as Henk’s Punta Marina and Charlie’s French stock for St. Ettienne-en-Caux both feature in it.

To finish off a very enjoyable weekend myself, Chris (chief assistant operator), my wife Emma, Charlie Insley and Ted and Henriette Polet (who had arrived in style at the show via yacht whilst on a sailing holiday) went to the pub for a few drinks and a chat.  Very enjoyable indeed.

*you didn’t really expect me to post about standard gauge layouts did you?

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6 Responses to Chatham MRC Show 2011

  1. Hi,
    It’s great to see a more balanced view of the Chatham experience than seen elsewhere. We had a fabulous time at Chatham with our O gauge layout, Johnstown Road, and the friendly happy atmosphere of the exhibition is a credit to the organising club.


    Richard Oldfield

    ps You missed the tiny bit of O:16.5 narrow gauge that we have on Johnstown Road :-)))

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Richard, I think it’s a shame that there’s been some negative feedback on the forum in questions, I really enjoyed it.

    When I was having a wander around I came and had a look at Johnstown Road, very nice layout you have built there. I particularly liked the tidal inlet with the bridge. There are a couple of photos of it on my Flickr account:

  3. Hi Tom,
    I’ve now had a look at your Flickr images of Johnstown Road and very nice they are too. I can see plenty of areas where we can do more and having a good exhibition like Chatham is the right incentive to get started.

  4. exelente trabajo mellamo nestor soy de buenos aires y tambien me dedico a 009 desde ya muchos saludos me gustaria que se comuniquen con migo gracias

  5. exelente trabajo saludos nestor

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