Track time

Well, the wedding went very well, it was a lovely day and our time away on honeymoon in the Lake District was fantastic! Very relaxing and stunning scenery.  In fact, whilst there we went for a ride on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway to make the most of a rainy day.

Northern Rock at Dalegarth station waiting to return to Ravenglass.

About a week after returning I was thinking about our trip on the R&ER and how it would be nice to see a model of the old 3′ gauge line, then I came across a copy of the latest Model Railway Journal which contained a very interesting article by Peter Kazer on his new layout, Boot! It’s a superbly built layout, as all of his are, but makes no attempt to capture the line in any of it’s surrounding scenery, I’d love to have a go at it in TTn3 at some point.  That could very well be what replaces Dunbracken in a few years time.

Having returned to the ‘real world’ with a bump a few weeks ago I began working on the layout again this weekend whilst a friend was visiting.  I took the opportunity to show him how to solder and lay track for when he eventually gets round to building a layout.

We progressed much faster than I was thinking, all the woodwork was completed on the main boards and by the middle of the afternoon today all the track had been laid! It’s really coming together now, and it looks so much more complete.  It’s nice to be able to look around it and see the potential views of operating stock when it’s all wired up.

Here are some views of the layout as it stands now:

Overview of all 4 scenic boards as they stand currently.

The large tank loco waiting to leave for Broadford with a passenger train.

Passenger train arriving at Isle Ornsay

The mineral quay with marble train. The front line here isn't finished as it will be raised above ground level.

View over the goods yard towards the station.

The railcar trundling away from the station en-route to Broadford.

The wiring comes next, then the really fun bit – the scenery!

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