Progress on the layout is slow, and I don’t expect it to be otherwise for a while now.  I’m getting married in early April, and organisation and other commitments have meant that my evenings and weekends are rather limited.

One of the things I’ve been working on is my 1974 Triumph Spitfire to ensure it can be used at the wedding.


My 1974 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV 1300.

I have managed to do a little modelling, for my birthday recently I received a Roxey Mouldings Cyprus Government Railway ‘Famagusta’ 2-6-2T kit.  This kit is designed to fit the Graham Farish GWR Prairie tank chassis.  Being a prototype 2’6″ gauge prototype it’s ideal size-wise for the HLR.  However, as with other stock on the layout I’ve tried to alter it to ensure it’s not instantly recognisable as the prototype the kit is based on.

These alterations entailed removing the shutters on the cab sides by filing them smooth, along with the beading on the tanks, which will be replaced later with plasticard strip in a different location.  The boiler from the kit has remained unused and has been replaced with a till roll to make the loco longer.  The smokebox has been built from plasticard, along with a new footplate to accommodate the longer body.


HLR Island Class 4-6-2T

This will replace the Island Class tank which I was beginning to scratchbuild.  Using the kit components will make life much easier, and it’s quite similar to the Irish prototypes such as the Londonderry & Lough Swilly and West Clare Railway large tanks which inspired the initial design.  Being simpler to assemble will make life easier when assembling a class of them.

It still runs on the Farish Prairie chassis, but this will need to be slightly modified to make it into a Pacific (4-6-2), including the etching of some replacement connecting rods to allow the cylinders to be moved further forwards.

In other news, I’ve received another exhibition invite and a potential invite for Isle Ornsay… I best get cracking after the wedding!  I will be making progress on laying the track at the end of April what with all the time off we’re going to have, well, something useful has got to come from a Royal Wedding!

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