Forging ahead

Since reporting the baseboard issues in my last post there has been lots of progress, I’ve now got something which can be laid out on the floor resembling a layout.

Board one (goods yard) has had it’s woodwork completed, as has board two (quay).  Board three (town) is semi complete, and board 4 (station) slightly less again.

The main focus of work has been board one as that is the piece of the layout which will accompany me to the Tonbridge MRC exhibition this Saturday for my demonstration stand. I’ve even managed to get some track down on it!

As the track was laid I couldn’t resist myself, and the first HLR train was posed on the length of track leading into the tunnel:

It’s not operational, but was posed in position for some fun.  I’ll save the first operational train until I’ve got all the track down to try and run it the whole length of the layout.

I’ve wired all the track which is laid so far, it’s all been wired for DCC (using the guidance for Peco points on ) with every section of flexi track having it’s own separate feed from the bus wire.

The point operation has been sorted out, I will be using MERG servo4 controllers which will enable the use of RC servos, more on this in a more detailed blog post when I get to that point.

The signalling for the layout has been worked out with some very kind help from Ted Polet (thanks Ted if you read this!).  It will have 8 signals, all of which meet the criteria from the HLR documents uncovered in the National Archives.  Again these will be operated by the MERG servo4 boards, however they will have a different programme on the control board chip to enable them to ‘bounce’ on the downward movement – like this:

Finally, I received a copy of ‘Rail Magazine’ issue 279 from the Netherlands.  Len de Vries photographed Dunbracken whilst I was exhibiting it at Modelbouw Dagen at Valkenburg.  His photos are great and manage to make the layout look much bigger than it is.  If you fancy broadening your railway horizons then I can recommend Rail Magazine as a very well put together publication which is well worth a read, it has a good mix of prototype and model related articles.

If anyone reading this comes to the exhibition at Tonbridge on Saturday ( further details here ) please come and say hello.

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