One step forward, two back…

Let me start by saying that woodwork is not my strong suit, I built Dunbracken explicitly trying to avoid it.

Consequently it’s built on an ironing board with a small amount of additional bracing beneath.  The ironing board surface is the seabed, then everything above that is foamboard.  If I were to build Dunbracken again the I would clad it in ply to resist knocks and scrapes a little better, but foamboard made it easy and quick to put together as well as remaining light.

Isle Ornsay, however is a different beast entirely.  Being split over several boards foamboard wasn’t going to work, so I decided to go for more traditional construction methods based around plywood and softwood.  However, when getting to the stage of completeness shown in the last blog post I began noticing that certain boards weren’t sitting flat, and were in fact warped.

Not good.

Especially as it will be going up into the loft where the temperature variation would only make any warping more pronounced.

The board with the backscenes added is fine, as is the other straight one, but the two curved ones seem beyond recovery.  So I have begun building some more substantial subframes which are being regularly tested to see how flat they are.  Here’s the current state of play:

Curved Boards version 2.0

So, soon I’ll be back at the same point.  Fortunately I have new straight and level ply which can be used in place of the warped material.

On a more positive note, I’ve received Isle Ornsay’s first exhibition invite as an operational layout, which is for Narrow Gauge South on the 14th April, 2012.  More details to follow nearer the time, suffice to say that things will be running, it’s just a question of what they will be running past…

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