A History

Looking back at the WordPress stats which I got sent at the beginning of 2011 has been rather interesting.  It seems a lot of people have been drawn to my website by the history of the lines of Lewis & Harris, and the history of the proposal.

As it happens, I’ve been developing a history of the line to show how it developed beyond the proposal and plans which are now sat in the National Archives, and ultimately became an operational system. This is only focussed on the lines on Skye as those Isle Ornsay will represent part of.

For those interested I’ve added the history to this website, check out the history page.  Be warned, it is quite a read, and has few pictures at the moment.  As the layout develops and stock appears I’ll be able to add more images to it.

An interesting point in the build of the layout has now been reached, the baseboards are all visible in solid 3D pieces in some form or other.  Yesterday my friend Steve came over and with the help of his daughter (exceptionally neat gluer!) we partly assembled two more baseboards, and I did a further one later in the day.  That means I now have what resembles a layout beginning to appear!

Baseboards laid out on the lounge floor.

As you can see, some boards still require further work to finish them off, but a sequence of assembly stages now leaves me waiting for some DCC Concepts baseboard alignment dowels to arrive before proceeding.

Exciting times watching the layout begin to appear.

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