It begins

After spending what felt like 7 1/2 weeks looking for the key to our shed (it was probably more like an hour) I managed to get in there to grab some tools to allow  baseboard assembly to begin.

It’s all very well seeing a layout on paper full size, and then the baseboard components assembled as a dry run, but to have it screwed and glued together is very pleasing and, to my mind, a real sign of progress.  It’s not my favourite job, and I’m not great at woodwork, but there’s enough of it to do on this layout that might help me cure that.

So, in the dimming light of this afternoon I’ve managed to assemble the majority of the components for the board that will contain the goods shed and turntable.

As the layout will be located in my loft it will be subjected to a reasonable variation in temperature, so to ensure the boards stay as straight as possible diagonal bracing has been added to the underside.

I’ll cover the other things I’ve got planned to combat building an exhibition layout in the loft in a future blog post.

Hopefully I’ll get the backscene boards added to it over the next couple of evenings, and then the baseboard alignment dowels.

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