No progress on the layout, although I’m hoping to get started on the first lot of baseboard work in the next few days.

I’ve been off work for a week with the flu, and during that time I’ve watched more daytime TV than anyone should, the entire boxset of HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ and read several books.  I exhausted things to do, so I did a little more thinking about the HLR and how it would have developed.

I’ve always loved the art used in railway posters by the ‘big 4’, particularly the stylised images of the 1930s.  I wondered how the LNER would have advertised the HLR had they inherited it when they took over the NBR.  Their poster for Skye featured a rather nice painting of the Cuillins, that seemed like a good enough starting point, so to kill a little time I put this together:

HLR Poster Isle of Skye RailwayAt some point I’ll come up with a 1930s style one too for a little fun.

I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about potential stock for the line and have uncovered some rather nice prototypes from all round the globe which will feature in future blog posts as they appear from the workbench.

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