Perchance it doth awaken…

A day off work today has resulted in the majority of the preparatory work on the baseboards being completed.  They are now cut to shape and size apart from the end profiles and backscene for each individual board.  This means that today was a landmark in the construction of the layout as I was able to see it in 3D for the first time!

Component parts

The rather random looking bits of 12mm plywood in the photo above are the baseboard top surface.  Various bits of this represent either the track or sea bed.

Overview of the layout as a whole from the normal viewing side at exhibitions...


...and from the side where I will be at exhibitions.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out, and it’s nice to be able to see how things are all fitting together.  it’s all very well looking at plans on paper, but there’s nothing like getting to this stage to see that a layout is finally beginning to progress!

There are a few more photos of the boards under construction and being test fitted together here.

Hopefully I’ll make some progress on constructing the boards over the coming few weeks.

For those wondering about the title of this post, it’s the phrase coined by the revived Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.  The day after the original line closed in 1935 a wreath was placed on the buffers at Barnstaple Town station with a note saying ‘Perchance it is not dead, but sleepeth’.  I felt the phrase used by the new L&BR was appropriate to symbolise the move from layout plans to something more tangible.

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