Ding Dong Moor Railway

Well, my year as custodian for the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy is quickly coming to an end.  I never ever imagined that I would achieve such an award, let alone with the layout that I will always consider to be a ‘test’.  I’m proud to be able to associate my work with that of Reinier, he was a very gifted modeller who was able to capture one particular aspect of real life that so many fail to; atmosphere.

His layout ‘Ding Dong Moor’ was featured in many publications over the years, including Railway Modeller and the 009 News.  His articles in the 009 News were published fairly shortly after I joined the society and were a great source of inspiration.

Overview of the layout now on display at Valkenburgse Meer museum near the city of Leiden in the Netherlands.

It was great to be able to finally see the layout in real life when I attended Modelbouwdagen at the Valkenburgese Meer museum in the Netherlands earlier in the year.  The first thing that stands out when you look at it is how small it is, it’s much longer than Dunbracken, but just as narrow in places.  The colouring is perfect, not too bright, but subdued enough to give everything that realistic tone which makes a model look so ‘right’.

The village end of the layout. Apologies for the image quality, it was difficult to get a good shot of it through the perspex, I'll again next time I go to Valkenburg.

Another thing that shows the skill which Reinier possessed are the buildings, the level of detail added to them is just superb, helping create the impression of a sleepy little village located on a Cornish moor (the only thing missing is rain!).

The loco shed and facilities located at the end of the layout.

I never got to see it when Reinier bought it over to the UK for exhibitions, It’s nice to think that this layout is now preserved at Valkenburg and is on display for people to enjoy.

A train crosses the moor and is just about to enter the station.

The small halt which was the limit of the scenic part of the layout before entering the fiddle yard.

It is an honour to be associated with work the quality of Reinier’s, and I hope to be able to return to Valkenburg in the near future to see the Ding Dong Moor Rly again soon.

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