First item of stock

Well, it had to happen some time… The first item of stock is slowly appearing from my workbench.  This will prove useful in determining clearances etc, but will also motivate me to crack on with construction.

I’m using Ratio coach sides as the basis for a short bogie full brake coach which is intended to act as the luggage and guards vehicle for passenger trains on the HLR.  I’ve been following the articles written by Mick Thornton in the December 2005 and January 2006 issues of the 009 News.  These have proved a great help and contain some fantastic images of Mick’s own Ratio bashes which he is slowly adding to his roster for the long gestating ‘Mull & Iona Railway’.

The sides I’ve been using are from the GWR brake 3rd kit, but I’ve moved some of the panels about to ensure that the duckets for the guard’s compartment are parallel with each other on either side of the body.  This necessitated cutting the sides up using a mitre box and then splicing them back together in the correct order to achieve what I wanted.  I’ve been adding details such as beams beneath the floor, steps and running boards as well as end panels with bracing and further details all from plasticard sheet and strip.

Bogies have been provided by Tomix Thomas the Tank Engine Sodor Mail vans which came with a ready to run ‘Percy’ that I converted to a 009 saddle tank.  These run very smoothly and are over scale for N gauge, but great for 009.

The majority of the work on the body is now completed, the elements left to do are mainly associated with the roof and adding details to this.

Here’s how it stands currently:

End view showing the brake wheel cover made from plasticard tubing and the whitemetal vacuum brake pipes.

End view showing end panelling and additional windows cut into ends.

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