Welcome to the HLR

Welcome to my new site!

Some of you may be familiar with my old blog site, I decided that now the scope of the layout had changed from freelance to an interpretation of a proposed line, it was also time for a change in the web department. Hopefully the new format makes it easier to find things rather than the more linear blog type where you have to go back through a chronological list of drivel (in my case).

The layout was initially intended to be a purely freelance venture, however since this plan was hatched I have discovered more and more information on the proposed lines on the Isle of Skye by both the Highland Railway and the Hebridean Light Railway Company.

Surveyed route of the HLR across the Isle of Skye

From looking at these plans it appeared that the Southernmost terminus of the line at Isle Ornsay would be suitable for the space I had available.


Site of proposed Isle Ornsay Station

Gradient Profile around Isle Ornsay - note the tunnel, an ideal scenic break for a fiddle yard!

This left me inspired and enabled me to really crack on and determine a trackplan for the layout.  Here is my initial stab at said plan, some minor alterations need to be made and it’s not to scale, so it’s subject to minor changes but it gives a good impression of the direction in which I’d like to head.

Isle Ornsay trackplan

This layout has been something that I’ve wanted to build for a long time now and whilst building my previous layout, ‘Dunbracken’ , was a very good experience, this plan has always been in the back of my mind so it’s good to be finally working towards it.  It’s going to be located in our loft and will be removable for exhibiting.  I’m really looking forward to modelling a real location which is something completely new to me.  I’m also trying to incorporate a lot of real life local history into the layout and it’s back story.

The findings at Kew and a recent trip to the Netherlands have left me really excited about railway modelling again after a definite lull in enthusiasm for some considerable time.

During my time in the Netherlands I was very lucky to receive an invite to see Ted Polet’s Craigcorrie & Dunalistair Railway.  Ted’s layout has been a great source of inspiration to me since my formative days of modelling in 009, so it was a real pleasure to see his layout.  Definitely something that I will not forget.

Here’s a video of it that I’ve bodged together from some footage taken on my phone and some stills.  I hope you’ll agree that it’s certainly an inspirational piece of modelling!

Those of you who have sites which link to the old blog, please could you update your links to the address of this blog?

Soon I’ll do a post summarising the findings about the Hebridean Light Railway Proposal that I’ve made so far, and perhaps a little more about Ted’s layout and why it has inspired me so much.

I hope this site interests, informs and maybe even inspires over the coming months and years.


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